Folding Hand Trucks – The New Found Convenience in Material Handling

Hand trucks that were primarily meant for use in industry and business have also now found a place in households. The convenience of material handling using hand trucks have encouraged home owners to use this most dependable material handling equipment to assist in gardening and other activities. Moving pieces of logs that are otherwise very difficult to move manually is done by using hand trucks. The design and construction of hand trucks have undergone major changes to suit user’s requirements. Steel that used to be the commonly used material has now been replaced by aluminium which is preferred due to its light weight and sturdiness. There are many other changes that have been made which have added to its popularity for use in households. The folding hand truck is a result of such development.

Folding hand truck

From the outward looks the folding hand truck does not have any significant differences with the traditional hand truck.  Neither there is any difference in its functionality. But there is significant improvement in its ease of use. Since hand trucks can be conveniently used for moving goods through small spaces, even small offices and homes often think of using this material handling equipment. But the storage space that is required can pose a problem for some people. To address this issue, manufacturers have designed and developed folding hand trucks that have a narrow profile and can be folded into a small piece of equipment barely 2.5 inches thick. This makes it very convenient for storage and transportation.

Varied needs are met

The flexibility in design makes the folding hand cart a favourite material handling equipment for people who operate in small spaces. The equipment has been made more versatile by being provided with a telescopic handle that can be extended up to 39 inches thus allowing very tall people to use it with ease along with people who are not so tall. Solid rubber wheels can carry maximum load of 150 lbs and the base can accommodate boxes of 15 inches size.

New users

The advent of the folding hand truck has added new users for this material handling equipment. Since the equipment can be folded to a small size and is light in weight it is easy to be packed in a bag and carried along with you when you are travelling. You can relax by placing your heavy bag on the truck and push it along when you are travelling whether by plane, car or train. This is now turning out to be a must have item for travelers who simply cannot do without it.

Zero maintenance

No maintenance is required for folding hand trucks as aluminium does not rust. The moving parts are strong enough to withstand the wear and tear that it is subjected to.

The compactness of design and its narrow profile makes it easy to store. You can fold it and keep it just beside the fridge or simply hang it from a peg in the garden room or garage. Folding hand trucks are the new found convenience in material handling. ITEC folding hand trucks for sale, check it out here.

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