Why the Pallet Truck Is Indispensible for Industry and Business

Productivity is paramount at workplace which will be agreed by all business and industry owners and this can be the single reason why material handling equipments have been introduced. Pallet trucks are among the first line of material handling equipments that are widely used in moving loaded pallets whether in warehouses, airports or industries. Besides enhancing productivity, pallet trucks make material handling safe and easy while handling considerable load that cannot be handled by a single person. The equipment design is simple and so is its use. But the person using the equipment has to be familiar with it and has to be properly trained for safe handling.

Pallet Truck

A concise version

The forklift truck can be considered to be the inspiration behind the development of pallet trucks that adapt the basic functionality of the machine.  It is a concise version of the forklift truck which is electro-mechanical equipment.  The principle of operation is also the same.  The forks of pallet trucks can be inserted beneath the pallet and the hydraulic system is used to raise the pallet above the ground to facilitate its movement exactly in the same way as it would have been done by a fork lift truck.

No license is required

The operator of a pallet truck does not need any license but has to be properly trained.  Training is necessary to familiarise with the equipment and know about all aspects of operations including all safety measures that have to be taken during use. Although the operation may appear to be quite simple, knowing the right techniques of material handling can only ensure that the best industry practices are followed. The onus of training the operator rests on the employer who is responsible for any unsafe practices in the premises.

Training features

The training that is imparted comprises of introducing the machine including its parts and operating procedures and can be backed by relevant theory that explains its principle of working. All machine controls have to be explained and safe working methods have to be demonstrated. Techniques of material handling, preparing to handle the machine and ways of manoeuvring the equipment are also part of the training. The training will be followed by an exam that the operator has to pass to qualify for handling the equipment. The exam will be in three parts – pre-use checks, theory and practical. Whether a manual or powered pallet truck is used, the scope of training remains the same.

Easier and safer handling

For making life easier and safer at the workplace there is no substitute for pallet trucks as it can operate in small spaces, is easy to store, operation is also easy and it is cost effective. The equipment needs minimum maintenance and periodic lubrication is all that you have to do.  For powered pallet trucks, regular battery charging is required. If space is a constraint then you can think of using pallet trucks with adjustable width.

If your business involves considerable material handling, you should not think twice about using pallet trucks.

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